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Once registered,you will receive a notification email on the day of the event.

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  • After you sign up for the event, you cannot change the details. Please make sure all the details you enter are correct.
  • If you do not receive a notification email, please check your JunkMailbox first.
  • For any inquiry on 2020 Seoul Innovation Week, please go to the QnA board in the community.
Consent on the collection and use of personal information (Required. Please check ‘I Agree’.)

The operating office of 2020 Seoul Innovation Week (the ‘operating office’) collects personal information of a pre-registrant as follows. Collected personal information shall be used for the registration for 2020 Seoul Innovation Week only and shall not be used for other purposes.

1. Consent on the collection and use of personal information
  • 1)How to collect : On the Registration section on the website of the conference.
  • 2)Purposes of the collection : Register for the conference, check attendance, notify conference information and run events (i.e., select winners and send gift) and deal with questions
  • 3)Items to be collected : Required personal information (Name, affiliation, email, mobile phone, gender, location, age)
    ※Following items of personal information can be automatically created and collected while using the internet service (IP address, Cookies, MAC address, service usage record, browsing history, history of illegitimate uses)
  • 4)Retention and valid period
    1. ① Once the retention period of personal information agreed to by an information subject expires or the purpose of processing personal information is achieved, the operating office will destroy such personalinformation without delay so that it cannot be recovered or reproduced. If personal information must be preserved under other laws, however, it will be retained for an applicable period.
    2. ② Retention periods of personal information depending on the purpose of processing are as follows
      -Data of applicant: To be destroyed within three months after the conference
      ※ Applicable laws and regulations
      Log data of users such as internet logs / user’s access point tracking data : three months (under Protection of Communications Secrets Act)
  • 5)Right to refuse collection : You have a right to refuse the collection and use of your personal information. However, if you refuse to consent, the use of the site will be restricted.
[Collection of Personal Information for Promotion and Marketing Purposes (Optional)](Choose I agree or I disagree)

If you agree, we will collect and use your personal information for promotion and marketing of 2020 Seoul Innovation Week

  • - Purposes of Collection : Invite to and provide information on Seoul Innovation Week
    Notify relevant events hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • - Items to Collect : Name, Affiliation, Email, Mobile Phone., Gender, Location, Age
  • - Retention period : To be destroyed after two years from the collection

※ You have a right to disagree with the reception of promotional and marketing information. If you refuse to consent, you will not be able to receive services related to the refusal.
※ General matters related to the collection/use of personal information under laws and regulations, consignment of personal information processing for the implementation of contracts/enhancement of convenience, and processing of personal information are in accordance with the personal information processing policy of the service.