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Part 3. Sharing City Forum

Session 1 : Imagination and cooperation for a sharing city

We will identify the limitation of anything public shown in the middle of this pandemic, examine cases of citizens voluntarily
creasing public spaces to deal with the crisis where the administrative power is not reached, and discuss the needs for policy changes.

  • Choi Heejin
  • Lee Yonghee
    Village Art Network Corp. director
  • Ha Jangho
    Social Cooperative GogaeAndMaeul representative
  • Hwang Yutaek
    Member of 8th Seogyo art center Joint Management Group
  • Choi Junyoung
    Committee of Joint Childcare Social Cooperative Woori Daycare center in Sinchon Area
  • Ko Hyunjong
    Eld Union secretary director
  • Lee Donghyun
    Homeless Action director
  • Park Baegyoon
    Professor of Seoul National University
  • Paek Yilsoon
    SNUC Senior Researcher
  • Kim Sangchul
    Policy Team Leader of Gyeongui Line Commons
  • Choi Heejin
    Co-representative of Pinecone Commons

Session 2 : The Era of Coronavirus: Sharing City Strategy that Strengthens the City Resilience

The direction of cooperation among sharing cities for better resilience in the pandemic and Seoul’s suggestion will be discussed.

  • Neal Gorenflo
    Representative for Sharable
  • Lee Seoungwon
    full-time Researcher of SNU CAUS
  • Alvaro Porro
    Barcelona City Council, commissioner of social economy and local development and food policies
  • Oksana Mont
    Professor of Lund University
  • Yuliya Voytenko Palgan
    Associate Professor of Lund University
  • Harmen van Sprang
    Representative for Sharing Cities Alliance
  • Paik Younggyung
    Professor of Jeju National University
  • Kes Mccormick
    Program Coordinator of Sharing Cities Sweden
  • Michel Bauwens
    Representative for P2P Foundation
  • Mayo Fuster Morell
    Codirector of the Sharing Cities Action Program and Dimmons UOC research team