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Part 1. Future Innovation Forum

Keynote Session : Climate Emergency and Economy for Transition

The rapid changes in the eco-system caused by climate emergency are threatening the lives of people in increasingly unpredictable ways.
The growing inequality and the widening gap between the haves and have-nots and infectious diseases such as COVID-19 are cases in point.
To overcome such obstacles, we must make a transition toward a new economic system beyond the existing ways.
In this session, globally renowned people such as Kate Raworth will present clear visions for a transitional economy as a solution to global emergency such as climate crisis, and build consensus.

Keynote Speaker
  • Kate Raworth
    Co-founder of Doughnut Economics Action Lab
  • Nani Pajunen
    Leading Specialist for a carbon-neutral circular economy at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
  • Wen Tiejun
    Professor at Institute of Advanced Studies for Sustainability, RUC(Renmin University of China)
  • Gianluca Salvatori
    Secretary General Euricse of the Fondazione Italia Sociale
  • Gunna Jeong
    Professor of Hanshin University
  • Wen Tiejun
  • Gianluca Salvatori

Special Session : The Footprint of Seoul's Social Innovation Legacy on the Ecosystem of Global Social Innovation

Seoul is positioning itself as a global city in the social innovation area by leading a variety of citizen-centric innovative projects over the last eight years.
We’d like to develop success stories of Seoul’s social innovation legacy out of experiences of Seoul City’s Global Social Innovation Advisory Groupvisiting sites of social innovation in Seoul and interviews of important figures in the social innovation area and globally share them to find a direction for Seoul,
the city of innovation, to take in the future.

  • Geoff Mulgan
    Professor Sir Geoff Mulgan of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation at Univer
  • Ezio Manzini
    Founder of DESIS Network, Distinguished Professor of Design for Social Innovation at Elisava-Design
  • Louise Pulford
    Chief Executive Officer of SIX.
  • Peter Ramsden
    European expert in urban policy and social innovation
  • Anil Gupta
    Founder of Honey Bee Network Founder and Professor
  • Gabriella Gómez-Mont
    Experimentalista Founder and Director
  • Ada Wong
    SIX Board member, and a founder of HIKCC
  • Louise Pulford
  • Same as above