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Online Archiving Exhibition

[Online Archiving] Encountering Commons Movement and Various Fields

Here is a collection of stories from individuals and organizations in the field, working on issues such as commoning and the commons movement, valuation of community assets, local culture and festivals, and financial commons among others.
Meet the activists working alongside local residents to promote cultural and artistic activities in the region, and the mediators who connect the regional administration with local residents to make commons institutionally possible.
You can access videos that display the commons movement and their local field sites spanning throughout the country from Incheon, Namyangju, Daegu and Jeju to metropolitan Seoul, such as Eunpyeong, Seongbuk, Mapo and Dongdaemun. These videos introduce a range of individuals who have come to participate in commoning, and tell of their journeys on how they address the day to day challenges working on site.
This initiative seeks to enhance understanding of the commons movement, and promote this cause domestically and abroad.

  • Organizer : Center for Asian Urban Societies, Seoul National University
  • Partner Organization : The Commons Network
  • Filming/Editing : Seil Oh
  • Interview : Heejin Choi
  • Interview Assistance : Heads, Jiwoo Song
  • Translation : Yulii Kim