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About us

  • Seoul Metropolitan Government

    Seoul, the center of the Korean Peninsula, has been the capital city of the country for more than 600 years. Currently, the city is playing the role of the hub in Northeast Asia. While the country is known for rapid development and economic growth over the last 30 years or so, government reform is still at an early stage and seen by many as something radical. Despite these difficulties, Seoul Metropolitan government is saving no effort to transform Seoul into a city of social economy or sharing city driven by innovation by encouraging the citizens participate in redesigning public services.

Operation / Promotion
  • The agency builds culture by acting and growing together with open intelligence.

  • Dong-A ilbo

    Dong-A Ilbo seeks ‘trust from customers’. It meets customers’ needs with its customer-based services and outstanding quality.
    It presents standard of value with its accurate, in-depth and prompt reports on facts. To adjust itself to rapidly changing media environment, it trains its employees every year so that they have creative content planning ability and expertise using its knowledge management system, learning community, workshops and online training center.

  • Center for Asian Urban Societies

    It seeks ideas for alternative cities pursuing sharing, peace and sustainability, and presents vision as a research hub owning both academic excellence and ability to resolve issues.

  • Commons Network

    Field activists and researchers studying theories and practices of Commons get together, share issues and strategies of the activities that are currently spreading in the Korean society, and discuss global solidarity for Commons.

  • Shareable

    Since its foundation in 2009, Shareable, a not-for-profit organization contributing to social innovation through sharing, has been providing a variety of services including consulting, workshop, online promotion, event support and research. Shareable is facilitating social changes by presenting case studies, analysis and tools in partnership with its global partners.